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The Blog section on this site contains hints and tips along with problems and solutions that i have come across in my time consulting.

Knowledgebase Blog

I have placed information and links to a number of useful freeware utilitys that should be in every good Administrators toolbox.

Citrix Microsofot Softgrid Appsense Utils

My Consultancy experience includes the following technology. If you have a requirement for a IT contractor wih experience in these products please email me at for a my latest CV.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008
Citrix XenApp XP/4.0/4.5
Citrix XenServer 4 and 5
Citrix XenDesktop 3
Citrix Edgesight 4.5
Citrix Webinterface
Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise
Microsoft Softgrid Application Virtulization 4.2 (App-V)
Appsense 6/7/8
Thinprint (.print)
Altiris RDP
Res Wisdom

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